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      2019-08-14 13:47| 來源:環球教育 | 點擊量:

      摘要: 雅思口語成為了考試里眾多學生的短板,很多同學根本沒有一個完善的英語思維,所以在這里為大家帶來常用的雅思口語范文分析。


        雅思口語范文分析1.Describe a sport you are good at: Tennis

        I would like to talk about tennis, which is my best love among all the popular sports. Tennis is popular all over the world, especially loved by teenagers. There is a comic book named, Prince of Tennis, illustrated by a Japanese artist. The spread of this book made tennis more popular.

        The spirit of tennis is practice makes perfect, and we should never give up. When I was in sixth grade, I began to learn how to play tennis because I was a fan of the comic book. When I play tennis, I will devote myself to it. I have entered for many tennis competitions. I like winning so the procedure seems exciting. At that time, I was not good at sports. But after playing tennis, my PE grades became the best in my class.

        Because of tennis, I learned that I should never give up when I face difficulties. I still have lots more to work on. Tennis is my favorite outdoor sport.


        I recently watched a movie called Starstruck, which was a Disney movie, talking about how a famous pop star, Christopher, fell in love with an ordinary girl, Jessica. The movie was filmed in Los Angeles and was on in February 2010, not too old.

        I chose it because of the ranking, but when I actually watched it, I realized that it was a teen’s movie. However, I didn’t regret watching it because I think I learned something from the movie. It is interesting because it sees celebrity life from another angle and tells us that we are blessed to be common people because there is more freedom for us to enjoy. In the film, it shows us how hard it might be when a person can’t make his own choices and decisions. At that point, material wealth will not matter to them because they can’t live their life the way they really want to.

        It helped me to reflect on my own life. Now I see I should just enjoy my life because everyone has the right to enjoy his or her life no matter who he or she is.

        雅思口語范文分析3. A traditional story :Chang’e and Houyi

        Chang'e is the Chinese goddess of the moon. The lunar exploration-orbiting spacecraft Chang'e 1 is named after her.

        According to legend, Chang'e and her husband Houyi were immortals living in heaven. One day, the ten sons of the Jade Emperor transformed into ten suns, causing the earth to scorch. Having failed to order his sons to stop ruining the earth, the Jade Emperor summoned Houyi for help. Houyi, using his legendary archery skills, shot down nine of the sons, but spared one son to be the sun. The Jade Emperor was obviously not pleased with Houyi's solution to save the earth: nine of his sons were dead. As punishment, the Jade Emperor banished Houyi and Chang'e to live as mere mortals on earth.


        Seeing that Chang'e felt extremely miserable over her loss of immortality, Houyi decided to journey on a long, perilous quest to find the pill of immortality so that the couple could be immortals again. At the end of his quest he met the Queen Mother of the West who agreed to give him the pill, but warned him that each person would only need half the pill to become immortal.

        Houyi brought the pill home and stored it in a case. He warned Chang'e not to open the case and then left home for a while. Chang'e became too curious: she opened up the case and found the pill just as Houyi was returning home. She either accidentally or purposely swallowed the pill. She started to float into the sky because of the overdose. Chang'e kept on floating until she landed on the moon.

        While she became lonely on the moon without her husband, she did have company,a jade rabbit.

        雅思口語范文分析4. A favorite subject

        I think the most interesting subject in my high school is geography. I have a dream to travel around the world since I was a child. At that time, I would always wonder where exactly some famous cities were on the map, such as London, New York, so I am really interested in geography.

        I had a great geography teacher in my high school. She was knowledgeable, hard-working and devoted to the students. I always felt very excited when I had geography classes because I couldn’t wait to learn more about the world. Besides that, I also liked reading atlas and other books about geography during my spare time. I would always have good marks/grades on geography throughout my high school years.

        When I talk about geography with my classmates or even parents, I can always impress them with my knowledge. I still like geography and hope I can travel around the world in the future.

        雅思口語范文分析5. sports :Jogging

        Nowadays many people spend too much time indoors working or studying, but outdoor activities are very important for us to keep healthy. I like many outdoor activities, especially jogging.

        I often jog in the park near my home on sunny days. I can listen to music and breathe the fresh air while I jog so I can feel really relaxed. When I jog in the park, I can also see the green trees and beautiful flowers. I can feel close to the nature. It’s also a good time for me to think important things in life. I feel it’s an important part of my daily life. Sometimes, I would ask my friends or parents to join me. It’s also a good time to communicate with others. It’s a simple activity; you only need a pair of good sneakers. It’s also suitable for many people, from children to old people. They can enjoy this activity.

        I think everybody should do some outdoor activities because it’s a great way to help us get close to the nature. It’s not only good for our physical fitness but also good for our mental health.