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      2019-09-28 09:12| 來源:環球教育 | 點擊量:

      摘要: 考生們要清楚在雅思口語考試里,第三部分主要是對第二部分的一個發問和補充,難度相比來說也是稍微有一些難的。如此2019年雅思口語考試Part3答題技巧是什么呢?今天老師為大家進行分享。


        1. What’s the difference between men and women's preference on cars?

        2. What will cars be like in the future?

        3. Why do people like to have private cars?

        雅思口語考試Part3答題技巧一,Sample Answer:

        Well, I guess there are quite a few differences between men and women when it comes to getting a car. For starters, men pay more attention to the performance, so it might take them more time to decide which vehicle type and make they are supposed to buy, while women focus more on the appearance and convenience, so they might get themselves a cute compact, which is easy to drive and park. And also, about the color, both genders believe that the choice of color says a lot about themselves, like personality and taste, so traditionally, men prefer dark colors like black or dark blue, you know, to make them more professional and mature, but women, on the contrary, are more into light and bright colors. Oh, and men tend to consider the resale value of a car before they actually make the purchase, but I don’t think many women would do that.


        雅思口語考試Part3答題技巧二,So those are the differences I can think of.

        第二題是典型的“in the future”預測未來的題型,大家能在Part 3看到好多這樣的題目,例如:How do you think toys will change in the future? What do you imagine people’s houses will be like in the future? What will be the most popular jobs in the future? How do you imagine that art will be taught in the future? Do you think that cities will become noisier in the future? 等等。像這樣的題目大家只需要注意一點,即“時態”,要讓大家預測未來的事情,因此以will/be going to這種對未來做prediction的語法沒事兒需要用上啊!

        雅思口語考試Part3答題技巧三,Sample Answer:

        Well, if you ask me, the car of the future may look nothing like a car. I mean, the shape or appearance might differ dramatically from the cars we are driving now. Or maybe, they will become much cooler with even higher performance, just like Batman’s car or transformers. And also, it’s highly possible that self-driving cars will be on the market, so there doesn’t even have to be a steering wheel or pedals, which would definitely be good news for those who don’t know how to drive or have no sense of direction. On top of all that, I’m sure with the rapid development of technology, scientists will be able to come up with an environmentally friendly way to make the car more fuel efficient, you know, cars in the future might be powered by solar energy, water or even air, well, I’m just guessing.